Farady Oil immersed distribution transformers varieties

Farady Oil immersed distribution transformer capacity range: 15kVA-10000kVA, up to 44kV. In order to make the operation of the transformer more complete, reliable, easier to maintain, more extensively to meet the needs of users, Farady oil-immersed transformers with a sealed structure, the transformer oil and completely isolated from the ambient air, thereby improving the reliability of the transformer. Currently, the main form of air-tight seal type, seal type and total nitrogen oil-filled sealed type. Where the market share of full-sealed oil-filled transformer increasingly high volume of insulating oil when it is changed by the elastic deformation of the corrugated tank walls or expansion radiators make compensation.

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барабанные магнитные сепараторы – работает

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Banjo hose fittings

Make / Model: JC / fittings Scope: nylon tube, iron pipe, hose, high pressure pipe products Alias: Banjo fitting Material: Carbon steel Mounting: Insert Welding Type: Variety of options for Port size: Variety for the election (mm) mm temperature: Melting point (?) ? thread forms: internal and external thread

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Four fire-retardant overalls Product Category

1 high temperature : It is made ??of high-temperature flame-retardant protective clothing fabrics .

2 polyester flame retardant overalls : is cross-linked resin , phosphorus-based flame retardants and other materials to craft baking padding polyester-cotton blended fabric finishing protective clothing . The moisture resistance, melting, washing resistance, flame resistance and strength are better.

3 retardant cotton clothes : It is used Pyroatex CP (N- hydroxymethyl- phosphonic acid dimethyl acrylamide) or Proban NX ( tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) phosphonium chloride , urea condensate ) for finishing so as to have flame retardant protective clothing made ??of fabric . With Proban NX for finishing, less damaging for raw materials , processed fabric flame retardant , washable and soft feel are superior to "CP" .

4 aluminum retardant cotton overalls : adopt anti-oxidation aluminum foil is bonded composite method , the surface coating of aluminum powder method or a vacuum aluminized film technologies such as aluminum composite method to increase the radiant heat of the fabric surface reflection properties of the fabric making protective clothing. Which uses aluminum foil bonded composite fabric flame retardant treatment is better. Apart from breathable cotton overalls retardant aluminum poor performance deficiencies , the heat insulation, fire-retardant properties, fastness composite materials can meet the requirements.

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Shaker during use should pay attention

1: shaker in the course of long-term use , should pay attention to the vibration motor maintenance and repair , refueling time , promptly imprisoned vibration motor bolts
2 : Spring shaker prone during shutdown resonance , swaying back and forth so that the sieve , the shutdown should be avoided from approaching shaker
3 : shaker vibration motor used for excitation force is adjustable, but not exciting force the bigger the better , should be based on the material yield strength and sieve to

adjust the size of the vibration motor excitation force
 Warehouse wall vibrator identity description
Warehouse wall vibrator is mounted directly on the silo broken arch under the new equipment , the aircraft model is generally ZFB-5, Z represents vibration product code , FB

represents anti wall plug unit , five representatives thickness suitable positions

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Rolling shaker

Shaker in the work process will produce a lot of exciting force , the conductivity of the device so that the radial bearing under great force , resulting in a strong vibration .

Analysis of bearing vibration trends, understand shaker .
Bearing radial clearance , radial clearance is too big too small will cause the bearing system to produce large vibration . Radial clearance is too small cause high-frequency

vibrations caused by low-frequency vibration is too large . 3E3626 large bearing on the shaker test results show that due to the radial clearance is too large , reducing the

bearing elastic system

The natural frequency of the radial system is easy to resonate , resulting in a large low-frequency vibration .
Friction and lubrication , the bearing is difficult to control shaker major source of vibration by the is a great incentive to maintain the work force , so the

radial bearing forces suffered large shaker in the work process , it is Centrifugal force will cause a large bearing system elastic vibration . If the Run

Slip bad , will have a greater friction bearing temperature is too high, the thermal expansion is too large, so that the radial clearance was significantly reduced, which in

turn exacerbate the friction , the temperature rise further. Therefore many shaker generally use large clearance bearings, such as 3E3626, 3G36240 However, due to the radial

clearance is too large

, Reducing the radial bearing system natural frequency , but also increases the rolling runout disturbed after beating the likelihood and impact of the ferrule in the energy ,

thereby increasing the high frequency portion of the vibration , a strong high-frequency vibration .
Eccentric exciter work the centrifugal force generated by the eccentric mass eccentric shaft bending , resulting in a relative deflection of the bearing inner and outer rings ,

the eccentric in turn generates its order harmonic frequency caused by vibrations generated in the operation inertia force and inertia couple will cause bearing dynamic reaction

Force and vibration damage bearings and other parts of the smooth working condition , resulting in high-frequency vibration . Shaker vibration spectrum analysis shows that when

the exciter bearing vibration frequency and screen box elastic vibration of a natural frequency of the same, will cause the screen box elastomer strong vibration .

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Vibration sieve trends

Vibration sieve is a vertical vibration motor or as a source of vibration exciter , vertical vibration motor , the bottom is equipped with eccentric weight , can produce

horizontal, vertical , inclined three elementary motions , by adjusting the upper and lower eccentric weight the phase angle , changing the material of the surface to

achieve a sieve trajectory

The purpose of a variety of materials . It also has vibration sieve sieving fine , small size , easy to operate and simple block network , which will speed up the rate of

adoption of vibration sieve . Many industries began to use rotary vibration material , so that the value of vibration sieve to obtain a large degree of play

Rotary vibration sieve is the biggest problem facing the development of screening efficiency is not high , we should always maintain. How to solve the problem of screening

efficiency will be vibration sieve can extend the scope of the new industry an important factor . To select a different material for different screen , thus increasing the time


The . If the screen to produce versatile , a direct implementation of the filter classification will be a great cost saving .
Vibration sieve in the road to development but also to solve some pollution problems , such as noise pollution , the mechanical vibration of the project, will have a great noise

, how to effectively reduce , but will not affect the normal production . But also to automate the screening filter , reducing operator

Process of staff input .
I believe in the continuous process of development, will be able to pull off these problems. Vibration sieve development will be a new stage , we went to work .

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Play equipment, is currently in the country, still in the early stages

Operating indoor playground for children requires precautions
Play equipment, is currently in the country, still in the early stages, mainly in the small playground equipment play areas, equipment, single, small number of people to participate, many people are not able to enjoy the fun play equipment. So play equipment market outlook is still very great! To operate amusement equipment , the election Ze venue crucial; course also need to have a good playground equipment supplier.
Operating Playground note the following:
1, operating a children s playground to assess whether the degree of concentration of population density, nearby is the number of children? Popular children s playground need enough to support
2, a playground for the children are ages 18 months -8 years old how much, or more! Optional for different ages different devices!
3, the number of local nursery assessment, the local children s play market is mature, and the level of consumption capability.
4, if the above points are not sure, we recommend that you evaluate good , especially some of the third-tier cities and inland mobility limited population of the county, the proposed investment in the beginning not too much, choose the more popular devices such as bumper cars on the few children , about the price of two or three million, and then on a children s inflatable naughty fort and the like can accommodate more devices to teach people the best, cost-recovery was quick! In warm weather, you can put on a full replacement of new equipment (curious amusement equipment 2013 new hand boat, 2013 new parent is a very good cartoon bumper boat rides)
5, the current lot of amusement equipment manufacturers in any industry has quality and poor quality of the manufacturer of the points. For purchase playground equipment, you should start with products, materials, production process, the company strength, service and other aspects to compare.

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Toys for children growing role

Currently on the market there are many toys, toys for the baby in addition to "play", there are many other effects , can promote the child intelligence, athletic ability and so on.
(1) Strengthen sensation, perception of development: the building blocks toys can fight Dachu variety of different shapes of objects, the child in touch, look, take, play in the process conducted perception training, exercise the child s ability to grip, making vision more sharp, while cultivating the baby s attention, memory, observation, imagination and language skills, thinking skills to get the baby s rapid development, enrich the child s imagination.
(2) develop social skills: with a baby with a companion to play with toys, you can develop your baby s social skills and communication skills , teaching children to learn to share with others, cooperation, good quality.
3 Enhanced security: Baby playing with toys with their parents in the process of getting sensitive, timely response, can make your baby more solid sense of security, but also to promote his feelings and communicate with parents.
4 workout exercise capacity: Play slides can feel run, drilling, climbing, jumping, swinging, climbing, sliding, turning and other functional movements to bring the fun, not only exercise the children s balance, independent coordination and long-term exercise can make them The body is more sensitive, more coordinated, can greatly enhance the child s athletic ability, but also enhance the child s guts.

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diamond wheel replacement process should pay attention to those matters

1 texture problems
During use, if we find the local diamond wheel cracks should   immediately stop using and re-replacement of the grinding wheel, diamond wheel to avoid crushing injury accident.
2 Valid problems
Brought out from the Treasury s new diamond grinding wheel is not necessarily qualified, or even buy a new wheel from the factory are not necessarily qualified wheel. Any diamond wheel has its certain expiration date, the expiration date of use, it is qualified wheel; than valid to use, it is not necessarily qualified wheel. Statutes provides that "wheel should be used within the validity period, resin and rubber bonded grinding wheel storage after one year must be approved by rotation test, those who pass before using."
3. Wear problems
Any diamond wheel has its use wear certain requirements to   achieve a certain degree of wear must be re-replacement of the grinding wheel. Not in order to save material, it requires the use of ultra-wear, which is a very unsafe violations

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